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The Welcome Home Package offered by SPLENDID MEDICAL STAFFING is designed to provide elderly individuals with short-term home care needs with the assistance of a caregiver. This package can be tailored to include a minimum 2-hour visit, suitable for a day or a week, and can be extended upon request. Clients of SPLENDID MEDICAL STAFFING who have utilized this package have experienced benefits such as a decrease in home falls and a reduced likelihood of hospital readmission among seniors.



The Welcome Home Package

Check-In Service Features May Encompass:

Splendid Medical Staffing

Funding sources for home care:

SPLENDID MEDICAL STAFFING recognizes that many seniors wish to age in their own homes, and cost is a significant consideration for families when selecting a home care agency. We are committed to ensuring affordability for your loved ones’ home care needs. We’ll provide guidance and support in understanding and navigating the various payment options available for care.